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First Aid & CPR Training Classes

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Our Classes

Prices include digital book, Learning Links, and a 2 year certification card.
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  • Basic First Aid

Basic First Aid is an ideal course for businesses, corporations, schools or individuals who are either eager to learn more about emergency medical care or for those who are required by OSHA or an employer to maintain certification in First Aid. This course provides individuals with the fundamental skills to quickly recognize and respond appropriately to numerous types of medical and traumatic emergencies. Students will learn how to care for injuries including burns, bleeding control, shock, broken bones and joint injuries and how to minimize spinal damage from trauma sustained to the head and neck. If you are a Childcare Provider please refer to our EMSA Childcare Provider First Aid course.


  • Adult/Child/Infant CPR and AED

This course covers all topics associated with cardiac disease, choking, unresponsive victims and cardiac arrest for Adults, Children and Infants. It is our objective for students to leave the class with confidence in their ability to quickly identify the signs and symptoms of a cardiac emergency and how to resuscitate a victim of cardiac arrest including the use of chest compressions and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). This class in intended for the “layperson,” therefore if you are required to maintain certification in “BLS” or “CPR for the Healthcare Provider” by your employer (i.e. Dental office, Medical office, Hospital) please refer to our CPR for the Healthcare Provider course.


  • EMSA Childcare Provider CPR/AED and First Aid

This course is intended for Daycare providers, Preschool staff, School teachers, Athletic coaches and others who are either required by an employer or spend time working with and supervising Infants and Children. The curriculum meets the CA EMSA requirement for Childcare Providers. Students will learn how to identify and respond to medical and traumatic emergencies such as allergic reaction, asthma attack, diabetic emergency, bleeding control, spinal injury, broken bones and more. The course also covers resuscitation using CPR and an AED for Pediatrics.


  • Adult/Child/Infant CPR and AED and First Aid Combo Course

This class is a combination of the Adult/Child/Infant CPR/AED class and Basic First Aid for the community and workplace. The course is intended for the layperson. This is a comprehensive class covering all topics related to cardiac disease, resuscitation of cardiac arrest and numerous types of medical emergencies and traumatic injuries.


  • AHA BLS for the Healthcare Provider

Recognizing and caring for breathing and cardiac emergencies for adults, children and infants; two rescuer CPR; use of a resuscitation mask (pocket mask), and bag-valve mask. Also familiarizes participants with the use of an Automated External Defibrillation device for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. This course is recommended for medical professionals, lifeguards, aerobics/fitness sports instructors and public and private safety security employees.


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